It’s 3am and a major piece of hardware has failed. To make matters worse, it’s the last day before payroll and you’re desperate to have everything working again before the morning rush. We’ll turn up anytime, 365 days a year / 24 hours a day to make sure you can sleep easy without worrying about the next day.


With dedicated staff ready to answer the phone for your queries, respond to your emails or update your tickets, you’re in safe hands. You’ll receive a reference number for all your service requests or incidents with full visibility and tracking on what’s been done that’s accessible anywhere in the world.


We understand that every company is different, that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all and you want to ensure whoever you hire knows what they’re doing. Illuminate IT has employees certified in technologies from Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, Cisco, A+ and ITIL. We’ll tailor a solution that both fits your budget and technological requirements .


You’ve just received a call that the server room has been flooded because of torrential rains throughout the night. You’re not sure if the company’s backup drives will survive, and no one will be able to work while repairs are being made. Probably the scariest situation any business can go through. 


If you’ve already got a solution in place to backup your company’s data, we’re more than happy to ensure it continues to run smoothly everyday. We’ll also be able to proactively advise you on how much data your company is growing on a month to month basis. Don’t have a backup solution in place? Not a problem. 


From Windows to Linux to virtualisation platforms or application migrations and upgrades, we’re specialised in all of the above. We make sure there’s always a roll back plan if needed, and communicate with your key staff to ensure everyone’s on board with the changes. 


Interested in hosting your platform with us? Sure thing! Check out our services.


Hundreds of cables and various networking devices interconnecting with each other can increase the complexity of any environment. Or worse, there’s a bottleneck causing slowness somewhere in that maze and everyone’s looking at your for a fix. We’ve got the tools to identify, troubleshoot, manage and tighten the security of the most complex of environments.


Are you getting headaches trying to manage your telephony system that’s constantly disconnecting the phone or giving you static on the line? Whether it’s a VOIP or traditional digital PABX system, we’ve got the tricks to get it up and running as it should.


Whether it’s a new phone, server, desktop laptop, Microsoft Office to a specialised Accounting Package, we can help you out. Illuminate IT has direct relationships with many of the major vendors so you’ll get the cheapest price.


Unfortunately SPAM, viruses and malicious activity through email is a common occurrence on the Internet today. Illuminate IT can filter all inbound and outbound email traffic so you can rest assured it’ll arrive in your Inbox clean or any nasties attached.


We’ve got systems running around clock dedicated to monitoring your environment to make sure everything is running as it should. If a failure does come up, we’ll be instantly notified at any time of the day or night to jump onto it.


Got a major project that needs professional guidance, management, visibility and a detailed report of the objectives? Not a problem! We’ll be able to provide you and your business stakeholders with a full report and the key milestones of any project with periodic announcements at each one.